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Judiciary most corrupt institution: Report

Anti-corruption structures are not accountable for current corruption crisis: Afzali

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Transparency International (TI) in collaboration with the Integrity Watch of Afghanistan (IWA) on Tuesday released a report which revealed that the National Unity Government has fulfilled only a few anti-corruption commitments in the past two years especially when corruption is ripe in the judiciary.

“Out of 50 anti-corruption commitments made since 2014, the NUG has completely fulfilled few of them,” said Director of Asia Pacific Department of TI Srirak Plipat.

He said that half of the anti-corruption commitments were partially accomplished and a few numbers were not fulfilled even at low level.

He said that judicial organs are more corrupt, which need to be addressed.

He stated to 11-17 anti-corruption structures and called weak coordination a challenge among them.

Plipat also insisted that revise in anti-corruption is seriously required in order to gain more achievement in the aspect.

Meanwhile, the head of the Integrity Watch of Afghanistan Sayed Ikram Afzali said that all anti-corruption organizations were not accountable for current corruption crisis, they need to be revised.

Concerning over establishment of parallel organs and council for fighting corruption by the NUG, Afzali said that serious reforms were required to boost up efficacy of the anti-corruption structures.

He said that 17 parallel organs established to fight corruption, but no significant achievement gained, thus it is essential to the government reintegrate or dissolve all the parallel anti-corruption.

“No any anti-corruption is independent and out of political pressure in the country, thus it is essential to the government to establish a unique and independent anti-corruption commission to fight in a better manner against corruption,” he noted.

Afzali stated that corruption is a serious threat for stability of the system, if the government not fight seriously against corruption, it will negatively impact over the system.

Criticizing weak political intention of NUG in fighting corruption, he said that rooting out corruption will be key to stability in Afghanistan, thus it is required of government to fight seriously against this phenomenon.

Anti-corruption institution must consider implementation of penalties over corrupted people, prevention of corruption and involvement of public in anti-corruption drives seriously in order to gain more achievement, he mentioned.

Government must continue to its political support from anti-corruption structures, rather than interference, he underlined.

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