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Kabul agog amid Saudi cleric war verdict

AT-KABUL: Afghan government welcomed the statements by the two holy mosques’ imam who has said that the victims of all explosions, bombardments and suicide attacks in Afghanistan are only helpless civilians.

The government said Saturday that remarks by religious scholars over the war in Afghanistan would bring the war under question. Presidential Spokesman Shah Hossein Mortazavi, asked the Taliban and other armed opposition groups to pay respect to the religious scholars and abandon continuing war.

The two holy mosques’ imam Abdul Rahman Sedis has said for the first time in the past 17 years that observing ceasefire and stopping war in Afghanistan was a great jihad.

Saudi Arabia had close relationships with the Taliban and was among three countries (two others were Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates) that recognized Taliban’s government (1996 to 2001).

“Those who are emphasizing on war and have chosen it as the only option, do they have any clear response to the questions from clerics of Afghanistan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia? Can they interpret the verdicts or not? Certainly not, when not, they should abandon war and join peace process,” Mortazavi said.

Thousands of religious scholars last month called the war in the country ‘haram’ (forbidden). Abdul Basir Haqqani, a religious scholar said that the statements of the holy mosques imam was good news for Afghans and the war sides could find solution in these sacred places.

“On Friday, the sermons were on Afghanistan issue in the both mosques, in which they asked the war sides to go there and reach an agreement,” Haqqani said.

He called on Saudi clerics not to remain inattentive to the Afghan situation, and should pressure the war sides to stop bloodshed.

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