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Kabul attack; Amnesty International demands punishment for perpetrators

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KABUL: The Amnesty International calls the government of Afghanistan to bring the perpetrators of Saturday’s attack against a group of journalists and media workers in Kabul, saying that the impunity for those who kill journalists should be over.

A roadside bomb targeted a minivan carrying the personnel of Khorshid TV in Kabul, killing two and wounding six of them.

The attack claimed by Daesh terrorist group was followed by huge reactions internationally, with many countries and international organizations condemning the attack as brutality against freedom of media.

The Amnesty International in a statement issued Monday, called the attack “horrible”, asking the government of Afghanistan to take more measures for saving the lives of reporters and trying the culprits of attacks against them.

“Attack on Khorshid TV is a horrible crime and indicator of dangers facing with Afghan journalists. Afghan officials need to make more efforts for saving the lives of journalists and bringing the culprits of attacks on them to trial. The impunity for attacks on the journalists should end,” said the statement.

The Saturday attack was second on Khorshid TV. Two of its staffers were injured in a similar attack last year.

The TV runners have lost hopes to judgment of the attackers. “As the previous attacks against media were forgotten, this attack on us will be also forgotten, I am sure,” said Rafi Seddiqi, chief of executive at the broadcaster.

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