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Kabul demonstrator: We want interim government

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KABUL: A number of people from different parts of Kabul city and surrounding districts were called for a protest apparently to the parliament speaker’s recent remarks about the future governing system in the country and the need for an interim administration.

The demonstration took place Tuesday near the parliament building. Sources close to the government said that the protest was organized by President Ghani’s allies to express object to calls for the interim government.

Parliament Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani had said this week that an interim government could work better to end the war and help peace efforts.

Most of the people gathered for the demonstration said they did not know why they were there, while some others said they wanted an interim government.

“I have come from a district of Kabul province to take part in the demonstration,” said one of the participants. “I want an interim government,” he told reporters who asked him the reason of the demonstration. He reiterated that he wanted an interim administration when journalists repeated the same question.

The interim administration has been an important matter in recent weeks to take place of the current government and help the ongoing peace efforts. People mostly urge for an interim administration, but President Ghani rejects the idea, insisting on his tenure.

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