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Kabul faces fresh water shortages

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KABUL: Shortage of drinkable water in Kabul city has caused a vast concern among capital residents, with latest information from the water supply body indicating that the problem of water shortage was felt in the southern neighborhoods of the city more than other areas.

In the Karta-e-Sakhi, a much populated neighborhood in the western Kabul, elderly men and children carry water tanks from the public water spouts to their houses on higher parts of the area’s mountain.

Sadaf, 18 and Zoleikha, eight years old say they have to carry water buckets on their heads up to two kilometer-high where they live, several times a day.

“I carry water for my family from this water spout. We lack water and have no man at home to bring water. We don’t have water supply system at home, so I have to come here for water,” said Zoleikha.

Her friend Sadaf has the similar problems as she says they don’t have men at home to bring water.

Ahmad Siyar Nekzad, spokesman of the ministry of energy and water, said Sunday that the surface of water was expected to rise up because of recent snowfalls. “It is difficult to say how much will it rise.”

Hamidullah Yalani, head of water supply company, said that Afghans lost lots of opportunity for managing water in the past 14 years.

He said they planned to build three major water reserves for Kabul city. “Unfortunately, we lost golden chances on water managements. When the international donors were ready to assist us in water management, nobody paid attention to that.”

According to Yalani, five billion Afs were expended for water supply projects, but the money was not enough.

He said the company would make modern canalization system besides building of water dams.

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