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Kabul greenery campaign launches

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KABUL: It was just weeks ago that Kabul, the capital city, was placed among the world’s top polluted cities and the health officials had reported a number of health issues posed due to hazardous weather.

The Afghan government had launched a campaign in Kabul on Tuesday to encourage and boost people’s attention regarding the importance of environmental values, climate issues and ecological greenery.

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Nasir Ahmad Durrani said that around two million saplings would be planted in Kabul. To take a good care of the green environment, Durrani called on the people to cooperate with the government and related organizations in regards. “Around 60 percent of the saplings die every year.”

The Kabul Mayor, Ahmad Zaki Sarfaraz said that most of the saplings die due to their unsuitability to the environment and air pollution. “Those people, who violate the environmental law and inflict damages to the trees and saplings, will be doubled fine.” According to him, around 100 million Afs has been allocated to spend to beautify the city. “460 million Afs allocated by Kabul municipality for greenery of the city.”

“We founded a program, called “Green Box” for greener of the Kabul city, in which the citizens and private sectors can cooperate with the municipality to steps towards greener of the environment,” Sarfaraz said.

The greenery ambassador, Nesar Ahmad Bahave has vowed that greenery of the environment would make good future for the next generation. “As we say earning championship is easy but keeping it is hard and same is that planting the sapling is easy but we should take care of it in a the most proper way,” he said.

During the campaign – which was launched in Habiba High School – tens of girls and boys were doing a circus movement about the values of a green environment. The youths were singing songs with lyrics such as, “one tree returns 18 lives, plant sapling if you want to live.”

The organizer, Abdulhadi Asikzai said, “We organized this movement to encourage people about protection of their environment.” “The movement was held by Oxygen Network and Environmental Protection Administration.”  

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