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Kabul hospital carnage;Perpetrators, neglectors should be punished fairly: Parliament

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Wolesi Jirga or the Lower House of the Parliament on Monday expressed their graveness over attack on Sardar Dawod Khan—a military hospital, asking the government to severely punish the perpetrators and those security officials who neglected their responsibilities in ensuring security of the facility.

According to tally of the Defense Ministry, 31 people including doctors, patients and visitors were killed and 53 others wounded in the 400-bed Sardar Dawod Khan hospital attack, but unconfirmed reports say the casualty toll was more. Similar number of attackers and reaching of them inside the hospital remained a puzzle.

Wolesi Jirga members were split over interpellation of Ministers of Defense, Interior and Head of National Directorate of Security, but most of the members insisted over summon of security officials to brief to the parliamentarian about the attack over hospital.

Most of the member of Wolesi Jirga believed that regional intelligence agencies and certain elements within the system were behind the last Wednesday attack over Dawod Khan Hospital.

Speaker of the Lower House, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said the attack on military hospital was a clear failure of Ministry of Defense and it is shameful.

He said that National Unity Government and its international allies leading by USA are failed to defend from Afghanistan.

Lawmaker Saleh Mohammad Saleh said that “attack over Dawod Khan Hospital is a clear sign of mismanagement of security officials.”

He said that Afghanistan is in a critical condition but government officials involved in celebrations and symbolic ceremonies.

Eng. Khan, another MP, said that the attack was preplanned and bombers shifted into the hospital prior to the incident day.

He said that those who involved and neglected during incident must be executed.

Another legislator, Ghulam Husain Naseri said that security organs have been politicized by the government and they will take security when receive orders, otherwise wont.

Politicizing of security organs is a betrayal for the Afghan nation and this country, he claimed.

MP, Abdul Qadeer Qalatwal said that infiltration of terrorist with weapons and grenade bombe is quite impossible inside the hospital which is heavily guarded.

Coming up with an example, he said that he seriously searched by guards in front of hospital and even himself (Qalatwal) searched by guards, while planning to visit hospital.

Legislator Obaibdullah Barekazi said that Pakistan and USA are behind the security challenges in Afghanistan.

He said that Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Afghan government and the USA needed review.

Pointing to BSA, Number of Parliamentarians said that BSA was signed to prevent neighboring interference as well as bring security to Afghanistan, but unfortunately after signing of BSA insecurity increased and neighboring country often committed cross bordering attack.

Parliamentarian also criticized president and CEO of NUG for their insufficiency and mismanagement. They said that President and CEO have assigned figures based on their personal consideration and relation, which is one of the main factor behind failure of security organs and ramp up insecurity challenges throughout the country.

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