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Kabul Negotiating Team: Taliban on the Run from Peace Talks

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KABUL: Three negotiators of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a press conference on Sunday said that the Taliban are deliberately escaping from the peace talks without any logical reason.

The Afghanistan Peace Negotiation Team believes that the group has no logical pretext and they are on the run from the talks. The Taliban have shown reluctance for holding peace talks, according to them.

In a press conference broadcasting from Doha, the capital city of Qatar where the talks is ongoing, a member of Kabul Peace Negotiation, Rasoul Talib said that what the Taliban are propounding is a pretext such as releasing of prisoners as a pre-condition and so on.

Pointing to the release of the Taliban prisoners before the start of the first round of negotiation, he said that unfortunately it had an unpleasant outcome.

So far, no discussion on the interim government has taken place at the negotiation table. In the current situation, there is no discussion over interim government, he added.

The basis for the negotiation team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the official statements of Taliban members at the negotiation table.

He stated that negotiations have not yet reached a stalemate, but the process faces delays, and its reason is the Taliban side. The Kabul Negotiation Team emphasized that the opportunity to solve Afghanistan’s problem should not be wasted.

He reiterated that “we are in Doha with Islamic patience to move the negotiations forward, and it is the shared responsibility of both sides to bring peace to the people of Afghanistan with peaceful means.”

Likewise, another member of the government negotiation team, Sharifa Zurmati Wardak said that a ceasefire has been a top priority on our proposed agenda. “Whatever advice is given by the people, we act accordingly. We are waiting for the other side to present in the meetings.”

This comes while no meeting has been held between the Afghan and Taliban negotiation teams for nearly two weeks now.

A member of the Afghan negotiating team, Nader Naderi in his recent tweet said that “peace and ending the violence are our people and government’s top priority. To achieve this noble goal the Peace Negotiation Team Afghanistan is committed and present in Doha. Nine days that formal meetings are not held and the other side is not willing to engage in talks to end the conflict and save lives.”

The withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan should be done in such a way where there should be no security vacuum and this has to be prevented, Mr. Rasul Talib added.

However, the Taliban said they are committed to the Doha peace agreement with the US. They say Washington must also show its commitment to the agreement and withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan. Taliban had recently warned to resume attack on US forces in Afghanistan if they did not leave the country.

But the Pentagon says they will not go by the May US withdrawal from Afghanistan, because the Taliban failed to deliver to its commitment to cut ties with al-Qaeda Terrorist Network, and also to reduce the level of violence.

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