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Kabul News TV channels stops broadcasting


Kabul: Kabul News, a private TV channel in Afghanistan that had been in operation for ten years, has stops broadcasting owing to what it called “pressures”, without further elaboration.

On Tuesday, October 30, a source with information on the situation told the media that this news channel had seen ups and downs as a result of the Taliban seizing control in Afghanistan and that it officially ceased operations today.

The source further stated that Kabul News TV’s dissolution added to the number of people, particularly reporters and journalists, who had lost their jobs since the Taliban seized power.

According to the source, at least 60 employees of Kabul News TV lost their jobs as the private news channel stopped operations.

Abdul Karim Khorram, Afghanistan’s former minister of information and culture, founded the private TV network Kabul News.

The Afghanistan Times administration as a close media colleague expresses their deep regret due to shut down of impartial and independent news channel due to either economic or political reasons.

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