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Kabul, one of world’s polluted cities

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KABUL: Kabul has marked the top of the world’s polluted city, said the Assessment by Air Visual, a US and Swiss based air measuring company, adding that the city “has reached hazardous level of polluted wither.”

But the National Environmental Protecting Agency has put the measures to a deferent level, saying that the pollution in the air has been increasing in early night and morning.

 “In Wazir Akbar Khan area also show that yesterday the level of air pollution was the worst in recent years,” said Ezatullah Sediqqi, the deputy head of NEPA.

He called on the government to take preemptive measure in regards to avoid the weather from further pollution.   

According to Air Visual, air pollution levels in some parts of the city have risen to a standard of 247 micrograms per cubic meter.

Meanwhile, the Kabul residents have also expressed concerns about the air pollution, calling on the government to take tremendous steps to reduce the pollution.

“We are worried about our health, the environmental protection agency should pay more attentions,” said Burhanuddin, a resident in Kabul.

“The air becomes very fogy and polluted during the nights, we cannot come out of home because of foggy weather,” said Soroush Ahmadi, a resident in Kabul.

The air pollution is considered the fourth leading contributing cause of premature deaths, which annually kills more than seven million people across the world. 

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