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Kabul police arrest 67 suspected criminals

KABUL: The police chief of Kabul city said on Sunday said that 67 suspected criminals involved in different cases were arrested within past one week.

Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahim in a press conference here said that the arrested outlaws were involved in 48 cases including murder, robbery, terror, kidnapping and theft in different parts of the capital city. He said that multiple crackdowns against anti-social elements were conducted to bring down the crime rate while nabbing the fugitives.

At least 22 automatic assault rifles, 14 pistols and a satellite phone were recovered from possession of the suspects who confessed their crimes during investigation, the police chief told reporters.

“Police also busted groups of assassinators, carjackers and kidnappers. They were killing well-off people including businessmen and even government officials in the fifth and 10th districts of Kabul,” he said.

Highlighting successes of the capital police, he recalled that few days ago a businessman while distributing alms among needy people on a street was robbed by a gang and taken Afs200,000 with them by force. “However, few minutes later they were arrested by police.”

The police chief said that week before the previous week the police had arrested 81 suspected criminal. He said that presence of unlicensed weapons is a major problem that is not letting the security situation to improve. (By Akhtar M. Nikzad)

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