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Kabul Protest Call for Girls’ Schools Reopening

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KABUL: Some students and teachers as well as women spread on the street of the capital city of Kabul, where they protest the closing of secondary and high schools for girls.

They urged the current government’s authority to immediately reopen schools for girls.

 “We came today to voice this shared pain and to not allow a generation to be deprived of education,” said Monisa, a female rights activist who participated in the protest.  

The protestors were chanting the slogan “education is our absolute right.”   

“I was going to study in grade 11, but unfortunately, when the Taliban came to power, our schools were closed. As the boys have the right to education, we girls also have the right,” said Fatima, a student.  

Last Wednesday, the girls students in grades 7-12 were denied entry to schools and were told to remain at their homes until the next decision is announced by the leadership of the Islamic Emirate regarding girls’ access to education.

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