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Kabul rally demands probe into Badakhshan incident

AT-KABUL: Hundreds of residents of Kabul and northeastern Badakhshan province on Saturday staged a rally in support of the security forces wherein they demanded thorough investigation into the Jurm district attack that left tens of troops dead and injured.

The rally was attended by members of civil society organizations and government institutions who criticized the Taliban’s brutality and slammed the government and security agencies’ reluctance in maintaining law-and-order in the country.

The rally members gathered in Zanbaq Roundabout in the capital city, Kabul, chanting slogans of ‘Death to Taliban Supporters’, ‘Abdullah Abdullah, Stand with us or Resign’, and “Our National Police, the Enemy of Mafia’. They also chanted that death to representatives who released the Taliban militants from Badakhshan prison.

An organizer of the rally, Mohammad Islam Yaftali, blamed the government for reluctance about Jurm incident, and said large scale military operations should be held in northern provinces in near future aimed at eliminating militants.

Abdul Manan Shiwa, an activist, said the government should end the evil trend of growing the Islamic State and other militant groups in Badakhshan otherwise all residents of the province will rise against the reluctance of the government. He said Badakhshan resident will never accept any kind of deal on their fate and they should not be sacrificed for others’ interests—the interests that are against development, prosperity and peace in the country.

Another protestor, Moosa Joyinda, said the Taliban militants should not be released from Badakhshan prisons; rather they should be punished severely, because the release of the Taliban prisoners was the key reason behind the deadly incident in Jurm.

The rally members issued a resolution where they asked for removing of senior provincial officials and replacing them with professional, efficient and honest officials.

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