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Kabul ramps up coronavirus response

KABUL: A 1,600-member police taskforce has been deployed in Kabul to implement a strict lockdown in effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic, asking millions of citizens to stay at home.

Ministry of Interior on Wednesday said 1,600 police forces were tasked to implement lockdown seriously and react against violators in Kabul city.

The Committee of Combating against Coronavirus has announced a three weeks lockdown in Kabul city and its district around two weeks ago, but unfortunately it was not obeyed seriously by the Kabul residents.

In first and second weeks of the lockdown many people, vendors and vehicles can be seen on the street and several shops were open. People calls poverty and lack of enough food item in their homes the main factor behind coming out of home during lockdown, so people neglect and carelessness regarding following of announced lockdown cased to lockdown enter to strict phase.

MoI Spokesman in a joint press conference with Ministry of Public Health officials today said the task force equipped with 400 vehicles have been on duty since Wednesday morning to seriously implement lockdown in Kabul city. While warning that police will react against violators, he asked all people to follow lockdowns and be cooperative with police forces. He said that without cooperation of people, only MoI and MoPH will fail to fight against this epidemic virus, thus it is required of all citizens to help the related organs in the aspect to reduce the risk of Covid-19 in the country. Police will implement advises of the Committee of Combating against Coronavirus regarding lockdown till the risk decreases in the society, he added. On the other hand MoPH made decision to temporarily suspend operation and healthcare services of Amri a private hospital in Kabul after death of a doctor due to coronavirus in this hospital. MoPH Spokesman said that following died of a doctor of Amiri hospital due to Covid-19 virus samples have been taken from number of other health personnel, who were in contacted with the deceased doctor, which 6.25 percent of them reported positive. He said that due to record of positive case in Amri hospital, infection probability of the healthcare personnel of this hospital to coronavirus is conceivable. In order to protect personnel of the hospital and avoid further spreading of this virus in the society, the decision has been made to temporally suspend operation and healthcare serving of the hospital till completion of health checkup of all officials, healthcare and administrative personnel of the hospital. It is pertained to mention that till yesterday 3031 samples of suspected coronavirus have been tested, which out of 423 cases positives in the country were. Some 385 infected patients’ health condition is reported well. So far 20 infected patients found recovery and 14 others passed away.

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