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Kabul residence complaining of increased electricity bills in winter


Kabul: With the interruption of electricity imported from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan, it has been about a month that Kabul and several other provinces of the country have only 1-2 hours of electricity in 24 hours. The citizens of Kabul say that although they had few hours of electricity in 24 hours this month, the electricity bill has increased compared to other months of the year when electricity was available 24 hours a day.

Complaining about the overcharge of Breshna Company in past month, Ebrahim a residence of 6th district told Afghan Voice Agency that “before our electricity cost was 500 afghanis per month, but in this month when we had no electricity, 900 Afghanis is charged.”

This Kabul resident accused Breshna Company of extorting people and said that this company cannot prevent the technical problems of electricity, instead it takes the cost of repairing the technical problems from the people.

Another Kabul resident says that although they don’t have many electrical appliances at home and using solar power most of the time, but during this month their electricity bill has doubled.

This is not the first time that citizens have complained about overcharging and problems with electricity, this problem has been raised many times by the people, but the Breshna Company has always denied these claims and said that there is no extra charge from the citizens.

It should be remembered that Afghanistan imports a large part of the electricity it needs from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Iran, and now that the imported electricity from Uzbekistan has been cut off, Kabul and other provinces are facing a severe shortage of electricity.

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