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Kabul Residents Angry Over Chain of Targeted-Killings

“Mom, please wake up, mom please get up,” the two kids, one of them covered in blood, were heard screaming – their video broke the hearts of millions of people in Afghanistan.

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KABUL: People in the capital city were so angry when they saw a video went viral to show two kids crying for their mother injured in Sunday’s bomb attack in Kabul’s Police District 4.

Four people including a vender child were killed in the attack that targeted a police vehicle in the Baraki crossroad.

Kabul Police Spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz said that another five civilians were wounded.

“Mom, please wake up, mom please get up,” the two kids were crying while they had both slightly injured. Their video broke the hearts of millions of people who launched the hashtag of “mom, please wake up,” on social media.

Ejaz Malekzada, a Twitter user wrote that watching of such scenes was intolerable.

Fawzia Koofi, a member of Afghan peace negotiating team, called for immediate stop in these attacks. She asked the perpetrators if they could watch the scenes they make.

Nobody claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack, but Afghan government blames Taliban insurgents.

“Our findings show that these terrorists who carry out such attacks, are not centered in Kabul, so we are working to get close to their main sources and root them out,” Tareq Aryan, spokesman of the interior ministry said Monday.

He said the Taliban, Daesh, Haqqani network and al-Qaeda have focused on Kabul attacks with the aim of creating panic among the people and increase mental pressures.

Police have so far arrested 400 people on charge of terrorist attacks, according to Aryan.

Attacks on civilians and government forces have intensified after one of the US-Taliban peace deal. The insurgent group committed under the deal to reduce violence and cut ties with international terror organizations like al-Qaeda.

Both Afghan and American officials slam Taliban for not implementing promises.

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