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Kabul residents complain of growing crimes

318 suspects arrested on the charges of different crimes in the past three weeks: Kabul police 

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Kabul Police claimed Tuesday that criminal cases had decreased by 36 percent in the past ten months, while people complain of increasing crimes.

“The crime graph has decreased by 36 percent in Kabul city and the districts since the beginning of the Afghan year,” Kabul Police Chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said.

He said that considering drawdown of international troops and closure of companies and NGOs that caused the increase of jobless, they expected rise in crime graph. “But fortunately, it revealed reduction.”

He termed well performance of police as the main factor to keep down the crimes.

“Police will exert utmost efforts keep on high alert security in Kabul, but increasing check post in highly populated city like Kabul will increase traffic challenges in the city,” Rahimi said.

He said that 318 suspects of different crimes were arrested in the past three weeks.

“Twenty-five murderers, 11 persons carrying weapons illegally, 65 drug traffickers and over 100 robbers have been detained in Kabul city.”

Eight kilograms of opium, nine kilograms of heroin, 176 kilogram hashish and 188 bottles of alcoholic beverages were discovered and seized in this period of time, Rahimi added.

Pointing to the collection of addicts, he said that 150 ones were collected and transferred to the treatment center.

The claim comes as people complain of growing of robberies, kidnappings and murders in Kabul.

Mohammad Jan, 22, a resident of Qala-e-Ahmad Khan said that criminal cases had increased in the area he lives.

No one can go alone with enough money to Ahamad Khan during the night, he said.

Mohammad Azim, resident of Yakatoot area said that robbery, murder and abduction have increased in Kabul.





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