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Kabul residents: Security personnel should wear uniform


Kabul: A number of residents of Kabul say some security personnel carrying weapons sill move in the city without uniform, according to Pajhwok news.

Kabul residents say that wearing a proper uniform help people to recognize. But we cannot recognize those carrying weapons without wearing a proper uniform.” People sometimes ignore security personnel in plain clothes, which led to misunderstanding.

Meanwhile military experts, say that security forces equipped with special uniform and professional training showed order and discipline in society.

According to them, citizens feel secure when they see security personnel in uniform and this can prevent illegal gunmen and reduce crimes.

They add that wearing uniform actually meant obeying the law and could help the people differentiate between security personnel and irresponsible individuals.

Kabul police spokesman said that they have equipped all security personnel with special uniforms to security personals and all security forces during operation are clad in uniform and in case of violation the people should inform police station through police station’s number or by dialing 100.

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