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Kabul residents worrying of air pollution

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KABUL: The high level of air pollution in Kabul, the capital city, has brought serious concerns among the citizens and health officials, saying that such issues pose dangerous health problems.

A number of doctors said that air pollution has increased asthma and cancer among the Kabul residents.

Meanwhile, according to the Kabul manipulate and National Environmental Protection Agency, tremendous plans were underway to put a positive reduction to the air pollution.

Mohammad Jan, a resident of Kabul, who come to one of the city’s hospitals has called the air pollution reason for his coughing and insomnia. “The weather is much polluted,” he said, adding, “Although I use mask but my sickness is not over.”

Lack of enough electricity, use of cool and plastic materials in the residential houses and factories and as well as bakery are considered as one of the main reason for the air pollution in Kabul.

But resident of the city, who can play important role in reduction of polluted weather have called poverty the only reason for use of such low material to warming their homes.

“Cool is cheaper than stick, power and gas, however we know using cool will surge air pollution, we are obliged to use the materials with low cost,” said Rahim a resident of Kabul.

Meanwhile, some medical doctors has called the air pollution a gradually death for humans.

Dr. Rohullah Faiz told Radion Azadi, “Its (air pollution) initial affects are temporary asthma, and its long time affects damage lungs, cause heart attacks, and cancer. This also affects fetus of the pregnant women.”

Nargis Mohammand, Kabul municipality’s spokesman said that over 4,825 apartments, restaurants, hospitals and private residential downtown have been investigated and that some of them had been fined due to lack of standard thermal system.

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