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Kabul retailers exempted from rent, tax payments amid COVID-19 outbreak

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KABUL: The shopkeepers in Kabul city are exempted from paying rents to their landlords and taxes to government during the quarantine time, officials in Kabul province say.

But the shopkeepers’ association says they are facing dozens of other problems while being in quarantine.

“The shopkeepers have some basic problems as their businesses are banned. The businessmen are suffering loss,” said Mohammad Hassan Sepahi, head of shopkeepers’ association.

He said Saturday that some 140,000 shops in Kabul are closed because of government-imposed of quarantine. 80 per cent of these shops are government properties and the rest are private.

He said that government officials had assured them not to demand taxes and rents during the quarantine days.

“We shopkeepers can’t afford to pay rents and taxes on the quarantine days as we are not allowed to open our shops. We ask the government not to demand the rents and taxes,” said Sangar, a shopkeeper in Kabul.

“We called on the landlords and companies either government or private not to demand rents from shopkeepers on the quarantine days. We reassure the shopkeepers that they do not have to pay,” said Nabiullah Pir, spokesman of Kabul provincial governor.

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