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Kabul says Pakistani terrorists slip into Afghanistan in droves

Afghan authorities believe that thousands of Pakistan’s terrorists are sneaking into Afghanistan through its unchecked tumultuous borders to wage a proxy war against Afghanistan in favor of Pakistan

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KABUL: The presidential palace said Wednesday that thousands of terrorists enter Afghanistan from Pakistan to carry out the country’s proxy war.

A spokesman for President Ghani said in a video message sent to media that Taliban are trained by a Pakistani institution and are financed by Islamabad.

“We have accurate intelligence reports that more than 10,000 Pakistani have entered Afghanistan from Pakistan while another 15,000 are encouraged to come. This shows that a regular institution is training and financing Taliban,” the message said.

Prior to this, President Ghani had said that 10,000 foreign terrorists came from Pakistan to Afghanistan in a single month.

Ghani’s office has long emphasized that Taliban fight Pakistan’s proxy war in Afghanistan.

Mohsen Dawar, a Pashtoon movement leader, said recently that Pakistan meddles in Afghan affairs. He called on Pakistan government to stop interfering Afghanistan issues.

“To those who think they can take Kabul by force, I want to say that this is not the Afghanistan you had seen in the past and that you were deceiving people that a communist government rule their Islamic society. The Afghans now know that this is a war against corruption and dollar,” Dawar said at a gathering in Pakistan’s tribal region of Waziristan.

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