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Kabul slams Taliban for ‘weakening’ peace process

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KABUL: The government of Afghanistan blamed Taliban for “weakening” the ongoing peace process by intensifying attacks.

President Ghani’s Spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi said increasing of attacks disappoints the people of Afghanistan.

“Increasing violence and Taliban’s attacks jeopardizes peace process and disappoints both Afghans and international community. Unfortunately, after the US-Taliban peace agreement, the Taliban showed no commitments for peace progress,” Sediqqi said Sunday.

The criticisms come as Taliban launch large scale attacks on the provinces of Uruzgan and Kandahar in the south.

Sediqqi also said that Pakistani religious schools support the persisting violence in Afghanistan.

Maulana Hamid Ul Haq, a Pakistani religious scholar recently called on the government of Afghanistan to surrender to Taliban and stop bloodshed in the country.

“A number of clerics who are called Taliban’s spiritual fathers, speak against our government system and against our people by promoting religious extremism that is against international principles. We call on Pakistan government to prevent these seminaries.”

Islamabad has not officially commented on Haq’s remarks.

Meanwhile, the NATO also asked Pakistan to practically work regarding peace in Afghanistan.

It said that security and stability in Afghanistan means stability in the region.

Afghan and Taliban delegations are in Qatar for two months to negotiate peace ways after the insurgent group made a peace deal with the United States.

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