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Kabul, Taliban to hold next round of talks in August

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KABUL: Afghan government and the Taliban have agreed to hold the second round of high-level meeting early in August after resuming the peace talks following a months-long gap, a source privy to the talks said on Monday.

The two sides agreed to hold the talks to continue the long-delayed negotiations on drawing a roadmap for peace and ending long-running conflict in the country.

The first high-level delegation meeting between the two sides took place in mid-June, but ended without any result.

As the withdrawal of American forces is going to be completed on 31 August, the second meeting would be an effective framework for the upcoming peace talks, according to the source.

A former Taliban commander said, “if an authoritative delegation attended the meeting this time, the result would be highly fruitful, and if unauthoritative delegation participated in the meeting, the result would not be good.” 

Chairman for high council of national reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah in an interview with Aljazeera who led the first high level delegation meeting in Doha said that war is not the solution, stressing the end of the current war through peaceful means.

Abdullah said people would suffer the most if the current situation continued, he said, adding, war in not the solution for ending the current crisis.

Peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban representatives began ten months back after US inked peace agreement with the militant group, but the talks faced deadlock several times and are temporarily halted.

This comes as Taliban increased attack across the country, and captured the centers of hundreds districts from government forces amid the drawdown of US forces from the war—buttered country.

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