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Kabul welcomes int’l community’s condition-based aid

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KABUL: Kabul has welcomed the condition-based assistance of the international community to the long-stand financial support to the Afghan peace process and development.

The international community enforced ten conditions on the eve of the Geneva conference.

1.           An inclusive Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process that preserves and builds on the political, economic and social achievements of the Afghan people since 2001.

2.           A permanent and comprehensive ceasefire.

3.           Continued commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and human rights,

4.           Peace negotiations and the subsequent agreement, as well as its implementation, conducted in an inclusive way

5.           A meaningful, demonstrable fight against corruption,

6.           Respect for Afghanistan’s international obligations and Afghan State institutions.

7.           The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a guiding framework for continued international development assistance to Afghanistan.

8.           The commitments by the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban to prevent any international terrorist groups or individuals, from using Afghan soil to threaten the security of other countries, and their commitments to combatting drug-trafficking and illegal networks of human trafficking.

9.           The principle of mutual accountability between the Government of Afghanistan and its international development partners needs to be continued with any future government.

10.   Safe and unhindered access for all humanitarian and development actors, free of any illegal taxes and levies on the assistance delivered.

The ministry of foreign affairs said that the implementation of the conditions would play a vital important role in construction, security and economical facilitation of Afghanistan. The ministry in a statement said that the government was committed to bring the conditions into effect. The Afghan government called on the Taliban to cease reduction in violence and pave the ground for a sustainable peace in the country.

The international community is to reiterate its financial support to Afghanistan at the Geneva conference which is set to be held among the representatives of the United Nations on November 23rd -24th in Finland.   

Earlier, foreign minister of Finland, Pekka Haavisto said that the procedure of four year term assistance would be changed into one year term assistance. He said that difficult conditions would be enforced to eliminate the concerns of the donor countries regarding countering administrative corruptions.  

Addressing the parliament, acting foreign minister, Mohammad Haneef Atmar said that there were possible risks of reduction in international community’s donation to Afghanistan at Geneva conference

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