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Kabul welcomes NATO commitment to support Afghan forces

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KABUL: The government of Afghanistan welcomes NATO’s commitment to support Afghan security and defense forces after foreign withdrawal.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said recently that the military organization would continue supporting Afghan army and police when they end their military presence in Afghanistan by September this year.

Wahid Omar, President Ghani’s advisor, wrote on Twitter on Saturday that Ghani administration would welcome the announcement. He said that the new chapter for NATO’s cooperation would strengthen and secure the existing achievements.

Meanwhile, President Ghani’s Spokesman Dawa Khan Minapal, spoke about continuing partnership. “This partnership is between Afghan security force and the NATO. NATO is committed to arm, train and advise Afghan forces under the partnership and we welcome that,” Minapal said.

Stoltenberg said Friday in Paris that a new chapter of cooperation would open between Kabul and the NATO after the withdrawal.

“The future NATO support will have three axis: First we plan to support Afghan forces in capacity building and continue financial support. Secondly we intend to focus on the special operation forces and train them outside Afghanistan. Thirdly, we are organizing to provide budget for services including support of the Kabul airport.”

NATO has now around 8,000 troops in Afghanistan and has already begun withdrawing along the United States which has 2,500 soldiers. They are expected to exit all soldiers by September.

Conflicts between Taliban and Afghan forces have already intensified, with the insurgent group capturing five districts in Kabul’s neighboring provinces.

The districts of Jalriz and Nerkh in Wardak, Charkh in Logar, Dawlat Shah in Laghman and Borka in Baghlan provinces are under Taliban control.

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