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Kabulis agog as police ramp up crime crackdown

KABUL: Some residents of the capital city, praise police’s recent measures against land usurpers, armed and powerful people, rioters and those careless to the law, saying the moves had caused a relatively stability.

“I thank police for new measures against the law-breakers and want them to increase patrols in the residential areas to prevent theft,” said Mohammad Dawood, a resident of Kabul.

“I am happy that police announced the names of thieves and robbers. This has improved a bit security in Kabul. If the government is serious in its decision, we will help it,” Abubakr, another resident of the capital city said.

Kabul residents say they could barely pass by streets from the fear of being looted, beaten, injured and even killed by robbers just when it got dark.

They want the interior ministry to be serious in its decision against the robbers and law breakers, as the latter has said of a change in the method of security in Kabul city.

The announcement include identification of robber gangs who are involved in armed thefts, kidnappings, extortions and killing people for money, ordering police to detain them.

“We will fulfill our promises in the arrest of those who break the law and disorder people’s normal lives,” said Nosrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman of interior ministry.

The new police move has been also welcomed by the members of parliament as a good step towards restoring stability in Kabul city.

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