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Kabulis infuriated over power line cut

AT News Report-KABUL: Residents of Kabul city are angry over the cut of the line transmitting electricity power to the capital, asking the government to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Taliban militants destroyed a pylon of the electricity imported from Uzbekistan in Baghlan province on Saturday, leaving the capital city dark.

According to some of these residents, government forces cut the power of the Taliban-held areas, emboldening the insurgents to explode the pylons of electricity to Kabul city.

“We expect the government to talk to the people of that area, the power problem is increasing day after day. The problem is not only in Kabul, but other provinces are also suffering that,” said Orangzib, a resident of Kabul city.

“Kabul city has no water and power right now, people are having basic problems. The government should make serious decisions and solve people’s problems. It should give electricity to the Taliban-held areas as well, because there are not only Taliban, but other people are living in those areas,” another resident of the capital, Belal said.

Kabul residents say that their industries, business and productions are related to electricity besides the daily life. They said that electricity outage has negatively affected their lives.

They suggest that the government should distribute electricity indiscriminately to the entire country and use tribal elders, religious scholars and other influential figures to propagate about the benefits of electricity.

Taliban said they cut the power line in retaliation that government forces already cut the power of the areas under their control. Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the insurgents has said they want to press the government to reconnect electricity in the areas under their control.

The power department, Breshna said its engineers had arrived in the area and would soon reinstall the pylons and reconnect electricity line.AmanullahGhaleb, head of Breshna company said they would try to distribute electricity to every part of the country in order to prevent the repetition of power line cut.

“We are trying to inform the people about the benefits of electricity. Religious scholars and tribal elders are asked to help us.”

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