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Kabulov’s Remarks on Contrast with Ground Realities in Afghanistan: MoFA

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KABUL: The Afghan Foreign Ministry (MoFA) has reacted to the recent remark made by Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, saying his recent remarks regarding Afghanistan are in contrast with the mutual interests of the two countries.

The Russian Federation Envoy for Afghanistan, Kabulov had earlier told Sputnik News Agency that a Transition government should be formed in Afghanistan to forge a deal with the Taliban. He said that the Taliban had been controlling three-four parts of the country.

The ministry said in a statement on Friday that unjustifiable magnificent of a “forbidden-group in Russia” is indeed in contrast with the Moscow’s demand for countering the terrorism in the region.

The statement said Russia “could not compare” the Afghan government, which is a member of the United Nations, with the Taliban who are sanctioned by the UN Security Council.

“We deny Kabulov saying that the Taliban controls on three-fourth parts of the country,” the statement said. “The conducting of subversive actions and killing of people in various areas does not mean controlling the area.”

The ministry said that the Taliban was not remained committed to the deal. “The whole world knows that the Taliban was not committed to the commitments of cutting ties with the terrorist groups, reduction of violence, the prolonging of meaningful negotiations of the peace and preventing its troops from rejoining the insurgency.

The ministry said that it would work on development of diplomatic ties with Russia. Kabulov traveled to Islamabad to meet with the country’s officials regarding the Afghan peace process.

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