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Kandahar gathering: NUG must find solution to current crisis

AT-KABUL: A group of politicians, experts, tribal elders, Jihadi figures and members of Parliament at a gathering held in Kandahar on Saturday, has called on the National Unity Government (NUG) to come up to the fore honestly, and find solution to the current uncertainly, aimed at bringing reforms and overcome challenges nationwide.

The participants blamed the NUG with failure in different fields, such as security improvement, economic development and rule of law in the past three years. They believed that the country is leading toward crisis. “If the nation doesn’t raise voices, challenges will be increased in highest level and its solution will be almost impossible,” the participants lamented.

“Our voice has been upped for development and national interest, thus, the leaders of the NUG should not feel scary from such gathering,” said former Head of National Directorate of Security, and leadership-member of Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan political party, Rahmatullah Nabil.

Speaking to gathering, he said that people have gathered here (Kandahar) from different provinces and political parties in a bid to take step for betterment of the country.

“Besides division of power, the most dangerous stride is dividing of tribes and nations under the name of region, language or ethnic bases,” he added.

According to him, Pakistan struggled to create huge problems including fueling rifts among politicians and tribes across the country under the nose of NUG. “I have reported this to the President Ashraf Ghani, but yet to take it seriously.”

He termed interference of foreign countries into internal affairs of the country as another defy that pushes the country toward crisis. “Today we are gathered here to find way of solution to the crisis.”

Moreover, head of political party ‘New National Front of Afghanistan’, Anwar-ul Haq Ahadi, said “Afghan masses are not satisfied with the performances of NUG in areas of security, economic and social affairs.”

He added that NUG has failed to fulfill its commitment made during election in the past three years. “This is matter of concern for the people and politicians.”

According to him, the NUG failed to work for peace, and even it has no clear program for peace process.

“Private sectors are facing more challenges during NUG, and custom tax has been increased in the past three years.” However, he said rifts are also clearly visible among NUG and legislators, blaming NUG for interference in judicial system of the country, terming it illegal.

Deputy of the Wolesi Jirga or Lower House of the Parliament, Homayon Homayon, has strongly criticized government for preventing Balkh governor, Atta Mohammad Noor, and Batoor Dustom, son of General Dustom, First Vice President of the national unity to attend the Kandahar gathering. He blamed government for fuelling discord among nations throughout the country.

“No more crises are tolerable for the people, so we call on all the Afghans to support the movement started from Kandahar province to address all issues.”

Moreover, another member of the Wolesi Jirga, Abdul Zahir Qadir, said that NUG has failed to fight terrorism and corruption in the past three years.

Pointing toward Independent Election Commission (IEC), he said that the commissioners have been selected by the president, which is not acceptable to the people. “The IEC has to be reformed completely or to be dissolved.”

“If the government did not respond positively to our demands, we will continue our strike in all the 34 provinces.”

Another member of the Wolesi Jirga, Abdul Wadood Paiman, said “it is need of the hour that Afghan masses should raise a serious voice and take a revolutionary to address the current crisis.”

He said that this step has been started from Kandahar, and would be extended to other part of the country as well.

At the end, the participants issued a resolution, asking the NUG to bring broader reforms in IEC within two months.

Holding parliamentary election in coming year and presidential election on due time was another demand of the participants. “Stop breaching of law and fueling discord among Afghan nation and tribes rather adopt clear strategy to reach peace and stability,” the resolution added.

They also called on the government to take measure to equip Afghan security forces in a best manner. According to resolution, the participants asked the government to positively respond to their demand in a shortest time.

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