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Kandahar governor warns against construction on leased estates

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Kandahar Governor on Saturday warned against illegal constructions in the province on leased lands whose proprietor is the government, saying doing such will enable land grabbing opportunity.

“Nobody is hereafter allowed to construct uponleased governmental lands,” a statement quoted Kandahar Governor Zalmai Wisa as addressing a press briefing.

He asserted that illegally building on leased lands will pave the ground for grabbing lands in the province.

He mentioned that local government agencies have initiated action against land usurpers and won’t allow anyone to grab estates Kandahar.

Pointing to government’s policy on ‘substandard housing’, governor asserted thatall disagreements in this regard between proprietors and the government will be resolved once the policy is enforced.

He stated that the government policy must be implemented according to requirements and situation of each area and those who found grabber during the process must be introduced to the law for prosecution in the province.

Similar, governor calls on relevant organs to solve the issue of grabbing of lands in industrial parks.

At the same time Ministry of Urban and Development delegation explained the policy of the ministry regarding without plan building and houses in the province. They said that government has established a policy for the lands usurped and changed to residential houses.

It is pertained to mention that usurping land is one of the main challenges ahead of government and people in different provinces across the country. According to some reports hundreds of thousands of acres governmental and private lands grabbed by powerful figures in the country in the past decades.

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