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Kandahar police chief bans Pakistani currency deal

AT-KABUL: Kandahar police chief Abdul Razeq has banned dealing of Pakistani currency in the province, asking people to use Afghan currency (Afghani) instead.

Razeq urged the importance of Afghani, saying if people disobey his order, they will be dealt legally.

It is reported that after caution by police chief, the value of Pakistani Rupee to Afghani currency has considerably decreased in the province.

This is the first time that a police chief banned people from Pakistani currency dealing in this province and people enthusiastically welcomed this order.

Pakistani rupee had been widely used in the daily deals in Kandahar.

Some money changers in the province said that in the last two days the campaign resulted to decrease the worth of rupee to Afghani.

Ahmad Nawid said that around one week ago one thousand Pakistani rupees was exchanged to 650 Afghani but now it fell down to 595.

Haji Kandagha , Head of Money Exchanger in Kandahar province said that if people continue their cooperation  to prefer Afghani currency than Pakistani rupees, it would have considerable effect over the rupee value in the market.

Noorulah a resident of Kandahar commended from police chief order and said that “I will never use Pakistani rupees in his daily dealings”

So far, the rupee is used in majority eastern provinces while Iranian currency (Rial) is dealt across western provinces of the country.

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