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Kandahar registration centers closed due to lack of equipment

AT-KABUL: Representatives from Kandahar province in the senate say that a large number of the voter registration centers remain closed in the province due to lack of necessary equipment.

Rahmatullah Achakzai, a member of senate, said Tuesday that most of the voter registration centers in Kandahar lack electoral equipment and have remained closed that the process has been stopped.

“All the materials that were sent to Kandahar registration centers have been finished and some of the centers are closed since last week. We ask the election commission to send more materials to the province, because time is limited,” Achakzai said.

Meanwhile, Sayed Jan Khakrezwal, head of provincial council said that a lot of people go to registration centers, but cannot register because of the lack of equipment. “The material finished four or five days ago. They (election commission) send less material to Kandahar which is not enough. Kandahar is a big province and has a large population,” said Khakrezwal.

He added that people in Kandahar were informed of the importance of election and are more interested in voting.

The voter registration process began universally in on April 14 and will last to May 14.

Head of provincial election commission, Hashem Dorrani also confirmed the lack of equipment in registration centers, but said the problem would be solved.

“On Saturday, we started transferring equipment from district registration centers to the provincial capital centers and now we ask the headquarters to send us more equipment, because we used the equipment of district centers in the city,” he said.

1,300,000 people including some 300,000 women have so far registered to vote in the October legislative election.

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