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Kandahar residents condemn attack on Nangarhar mosque

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KABUL: Hundreds of people in the southern province of Kandahar, took to the streets on Sunday in protest of a terrorist attack on a mosque in Nangarhar province that killed and injured more than 100 civilians.

The attack took place during the Friday prayers, in which more than 70 people were killed in the Haska Mina district.

The demonstrators chanted slogans “stop killing of civilians”.

Samiollah Tokhi, a tribal elder in Kandahar said: “We ask the human rights supporters that why are killed? Who kills us? Why our mosques and other sacred places are targeted?”

Aziza Watankhwah, a civil society activist, said: “Mosque is a holy place and Satan is not allowed to enter. Those who attack mosques are evils.”

Nobody claimed responsibility for the mosque attack, but demonstrators in Kandahar blamed Taliban and other terrorist groups of “misusing Islam”.

“We are angry. We don’t know who to blame. We condemn this attack carried out either by Taliban or Daesh,” said Nek Mohammad, a religious scholar in Kandahar.

The protestors also blamed the government for not doing enough to prevent civilian lives.

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