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Kandahar tribal elders form council to foster national unity

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Scores of tribal elders from southern Kandahar province on Tuesday established a council that aims to bring all tribes and ethnic groups in the country together under one umbrella.

According to Tolonews, members of the newly formed Loy Kandahar Council termed peace deal with the Taliban insurgents necessary for Afghanistan. They urged the National Unity Government (NUG) to hand over the responsibility of engaging the Taliban in peace talks to the council.

A former senior leader of the Taliban and member of the council, Salam Rocketi, said that they want reconciliation between the government and the Taliban. He furthered that the Loy Kandahar Council aims to strengthen the national unity.

“We demand of the government to hand over the responsibility of the peace talks to the Loy Kandahar Council. We will definitely ensure peace between the government and the Taliban,” Tolonews quoted him.

Members of the council have strictly condemned the recent blockade of Kunduz city, and said the government must identify and name those responsible for the city’s collapse to insurgents.

They feared that other provinces could face the same fate as Kunduz if security situations remained deteriorated in the country.

A tribal elder during the council meeting warned the government that the fall of Kunduz could someday cause the fall of Uruzgan, Kandahar or Helmand.

Meanwhile, Mullah Sher Mohammad Akhond, a senator, asked the government that how is it possible that nearly 400 Taliban can enter a city without being noticed?  This is a question that begs answer, he said.

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