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Kandahar-Uruzgan highway reopened after 40 days

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: After heavy causalities inflicted to the Taliban, Afghan security forces have reopened the Kandahar-Uruzgan Highway after 40 days of closure by the insurgents, officials said on Friday.

“Security forces used useful techniques to reopen the highway by imposing heavy causalities to the Taliban,” TOLONews quoted, Police Chief of Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar province, Col. Pacha, as saying.

“Security forces were succeeded to reopen the Kandahar-Uruzgan Highway by maintaining a good coordination during the military operation. Besides that, we established an alternative way in order to connect the two provinces and enable civilians travel via the new route,” he added.

“Taliban will be defeated if they try to close the highways. We will never let them [militants] to close highways for civilians and military forces,” said Mohammad Zaman, a police force member in Uruzgan.

Abdullah, another police force member in the province, said: “We cleared the area of militants. We recovered weapons and ammunition.”

Earlier, there were heavy fighting erupted between Afghan security force and the militants in Tirinkot, the provincial capital of Uruzgan province, where security forces said that there were circles who want to see the collapse of the city.

Previously, in a meeting with security forces in the province, Gen. Daud Shah Wafadar, 205 Attal Military Corps commander in the south, alleged that some circles wanted the collapse of the province in a bid to preserve their personal interests.

His remarks came one day after the Ministry of Interior sacked Uruzgan Police Chief Mohammad Wais Samimi for growing insecurity in the province. Provincial Spokesman Dost Mohammad Nayab said that the police chief had been a Taliban sympathizer, adding that Sayed Aqa Saqeb, an experienced officer was assigned as an acting provincial police chief.

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