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Karzai calls for inclusive Afghan govt for an international recognition

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KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai is calling for an inclusive government in Afghanistan and a Loya Jirga should be convened to help gain legitimacy and international recognition.

Karzai emphasized on an inclusive government in Afghanistan with inclusion of different segments of the society as a means of gaining international recognition.

In an interview with BBC, Karzai said a Loya Jirga would serve as a path towards forming a legitimate government in Afghanistan.

Opposing the US mission of over-the-horizon counterterrorism, the former Afghanistan President insisted the US government to work with the prevailing Afghan government.

“I have had conversations with them on a lot of issues–the return of women to back to work. Schools, flag of the country, national flag of the country. And the need for a political process, for a government that belongs to all Afghans, that all Afghans see as theirs–that is inclusive,” Karzai said.

Seeking support from international community to aid Afghanistan in the time of crisis, Karzai said, “They have better come and help the Afghan people. They and their allies and the international community must help Afghanistan rebuild itself, must heal the wounds that have been caused on all sides. Must work with the Taliban- they are the government today. Work towards improvements towards a better Afghanistan.”

Advocating girl education in Afghanistan, Karzai said, “We really … want them to go back to school–the girls–not only to schools but to universities, but to the workplace. Yes, we have had talks about this with the Taliban. They hear me on this. They understand it and they say that it will happen. We say that it should happen now, immediately.”

The Taliban earlier stated that they have carried out and fulfilled all the conditions for recognition and sought affirmative ties with countries around the globe.

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