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Karzai Calls Girls’ Education Important for Country’s Development

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KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai reiterated his call for girls’ access to school and said that the people of Afghanistan want their girls to return to school.

The former president cited the remarks on a BBC program of Best of Today.

“There is no way… that the country can live without our girls going to school. It can’t be. The Afghan people will not allow that and I am sure the schools for girls will reopen because that is what the Afghan people want and want clearly,” Karzai said.  

It has been 120 days that female students beyond grade six have been banned from going to school.  

The Islamic Emirate’s decision to close schools for girls above grade six has faced repeated reactions inside outside Afghanistan.  

Karzai on Monday met with the Turkish ambassador in Kabul, Cihad Erginay, discussing the bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Turkey. Karzai thanked Turkey for supporting the Afghan education by providing scholarships.

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