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Karzai condemns Imran Khan’s ‘divisive’ remarks

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KABUL: Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai on Sunday lashed out at Pakistani Prime Minister for attempting an “obvious propaganda against Afghanistan”.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in his speech at the summit of Organization of Islamic Countries on Sunday in Islamabad said that Pakistan faced threat from Islamic State in Afghanistan. He also said that chaos in Afghanistan could cause the rise in terrorism. He reiterated that Pakistan is the most affected country due to the war in Afghanistan. He added that instability in Afghanistan will affect Pakistan.

Karzai condemned Khan’s allegations that ISIS operates from Afghanistan and poses a threat to Pakistan. “This is a clear propaganda against Afghanistan; and in fact, the issue is quite the opposite; the threat of Daesh comes from Pakistan to Afghanistan,” he said.

At OIC summit, Pakistani prime minister said the Taliban are predominantly Pashtun movement and that Pakistan’s Pakhtunkhwa province, which borders Afghanistan, has a similar culture with the Taliban. He said Kabul or Peshawar cultures are completely different from real rural culture.

Karzai slammed Khan’s statement, calling it “an attempt to divide and insult the Afghan people.”

The former president urged the Pakistani government to “strictly refrain from preaching against Afghanistan and interfering in our internal affairs, not to speak on behalf of Afghanistan in international forums.”

Khan’s comments drew condemnation from Afghan politicians, journalists and people too.

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