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Karzai demands Pakistan to stop Afghan shelling

AT-KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai “strongly” condemned rocket attacks by Pakistani army on the Afghan soil, asking Islamabad to “immediately stop” attacks.

Pakistani army has reportedly restarted rocket and artillery attacks on the villages of the eastern province of Kunar. So far, more than 500 rockets from Pakistan side have landed in Kunar.

“The government of Pakistan should not misunderstand the US military presence and behavior as weakness of Afghans,” Karzai was quoted as saying by a statement. He said that Pakistan and other aliens should learn that Afghans have always protected their sovereignty and have been always vigilant and sensitive, adding that Afghan people were the conquerors of different problems created by foreigners.

He called on Pakistani government to be provident and consider Afghans as brothers and friends and cooperate with them and other countries in efforts for a stable region.

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