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Karzai is the voice of oppressed Afghans: Youth association

AT News Report-KABUL: The association of the Afghan youth declared support to the former president Hamid Karzai for his remarks against the US aerial attack.

Karzai was the first Afghan who criticized the drop of the world’s biggest bomb by the United States military on April 13, in the Achin district of Nangarhar province.

“We on behalf of a large number of the Afghan youth and intellectuals inside and outside the country, are condemn the US attack that is against all the international right norms and is a violation of our national integrity,” the association representatives said in a news conference.

They added that the US presence is not to ensure human rights, but they are here to use Afghanistan as a good place for testing their mass killing weapons and threaten their rivals in the region.

They also slammed the government of Afghanistan for confirming the US attack. “We announce here that the Afghan nation is not slave as the current government is. We will answer you as tough as you will take your desires to your graves,” the association said, emphasizing that Afghanistan is the graveyard of the aggressors and the puppet governments.

“We would like to tell the national unity government particularly Ghani and Abdullah not to forget the history. You are well aware that the slave and puppet leaders live very short and history has called them as slaves.”

They announced support to Karzai’s opposition to the US aerial attack. “Karzai is not alone. Karzai is the voice of millions of noble, honorable and oppressed Afghans,” the association concluded.



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