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Karzai lashes out at US-Pak nexus for Durand Line fencing

AT-KABUL: Pakistan’s intention to purportedly fence the porous Durand Line with the multi-hundred million dollar financial help of the United States has brought out infuriation and denunciation of ex-President Hamid Karzai who says it is a ploy to split Afghans on both sides of the de facto borderline.

The ex-president voiced his revulsion over a shocking $150 million aid of the U.S. government to Pakistan to extend fencing on its shared porous de facto borders with Afghanistan. He strongly condemned the United States for pouring money into this dividing and inconsequential border fence.

“On the one hand, the United States claims to be a sincere ally of Afghanistan and on the other, it tries to split the Afghans in both sides of Durand,” he remarked, “This American financial aid with Pakistanis undermining the territorial integrity of Afghanistan and its national interests.”

“The entire world is privy to the fact that the imperialist British colonists had imposed the Durand Line on the people of Afghanistan without their consent; and the Afghan nation had never concurred and will never concur with this border imposition,” he said.

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