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Karzai reiterates call for reopening of girls’ schools

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KABUL: Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai once again reiterated his call for reopening of Afghan girls’ secondary schools, saying development and prosperity is tied to education.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, he said Afghanistan needed education to cut its reliance on the world. “The most important and pressing issue is the return of Afghan girls to school from grades 6 to 12,” he said.

He proposed a power-sharing model of governance as long as the interim Taliban administration did not enjoy the Afghan people’s confidence. “One way the Taliban could muster the nation’s support was to reopen schools for girls,” he believed, asking Taliban government to pursue self-sufficiency and economic wellbeing to create a sense of unity among the masses.

He reiterated that Afghanistan needs to build normal relations with other countries and that interacting with fellow Muslim countries was crucial.

“It is important for Afghanistan to build normal relations with the countries of the world. We are a member of the international community. We cannot live separate from them. We have to live with them for our own well-being and prosperity. Therefore, Afghanistan’s interaction with the international community, with our fellow Muslim countries, with Arab countries, is extremely important,” the former president said.

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