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Karzai says US should cut down extremists’ financial sources

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai has said that the US should cut down the financial sources of terrorism and extremism if it remains sincerely determined to fight terror in all its forms.

“The war against terrorism will not succeed unless we fight it in the sanctuaries, in the training grounds, in the motivational factors, in the financial resources to them,” Karzai stated in an interview with the Russia Today TV channel in Moscow.

He has said that the US war on terror has failed, because the sanctuaries of extremists have remained intact in Pakistan.

He has accused the US and its Western allies of seeking terrorism in the villages of Afghanistan, saying that terrorism was based in Pakistan.

“They did not go the sanctuaries which were in Pakistan. They did not go to the motivational factors which were in many other places. They did not go for the financial resources of terrorism which they knew where they were,” the ex-president said.

“If this war is genuinely against terrorism, if the United States wants to succeed, then we know by now that success will not come unless you go to the sanctuaries, you go to the financial resources and all other factors.”



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