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Karzai stressed importance of national unity

AT-KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai has expressed deep concerns over the recent violence in the country, calling on Afghans to maintain and further strengthen their unity.

“The violence increased since the April 19 terrorist attack in Kabul,” Karzai was quoted as saying by a statement his office issued Monday.

Once again Karzai strongly condemned the attack that claimed the lives of security officers as well as civilians, adding that the current crisis has foreign roots and the imposed war on us is organized in abroad.

“The violence and revenge among Afghans is created outside the country. This causes an endless war in our country and the main culprits are organizing Afghan war in their safe places in abroad,” the statement added.

Karzai called on those Taliban fighters who claim to be Afghans to get release from the aliens’ captivity, put an end to the war and fratricide and join the reconstruction of their ruin home.

He also asked the government to turn their propaganda and war machine toward the foreigners who have enflamed the war in Afghanistan.

“Afghans must strengthen their unity and solidarity, because the current imposed war takes the lives of them in every part of the country.”

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