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Karzai stresses global cooperation in war on terror

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Ex-President Hamid Karzai stressed global cooperation in fight against insurgency.  Hamid Karzai expressed his deep concerns over mounting militancy and violence in the region and said that despite regional countries the West and United States should also sincerely cooperate in fight against the menace.

In an interview with China’s state-run China Central Television, or CCTV, Hamid Karzai said that the entire region should cooperate in fight against militants and if the West wants to cooperate, it should use all available resources to end war. “The West in cooperation with China, Russia and India should devise a comprehensive strategy to eliminate militant groups in the region,” he added.

Karzai said that war against militants is underway over the past 13 years in Afghanistan; however, it hasn’t yielded in any result so far.

He urged the US and its allies to support Afghanistan and stay in the country. “However, the US presence in Afghanistan should bring lasting peace and stability to the war-hit country and not to weaken our national unity and undermine our sovereignty,” the former Afghan president added.

Hinting at importance of the Silk Route project, Hamid Karzai said that revival of the ancient route was in the greater interest of Afghanistan as well as the entire region.

“This route will help alleviate regional poverty and improve economy and bring the regional countries closer,” he added.

In response to query that whether insecurity will hamper implementation of the project, Karzai said that revival of Silk Route will, on the contrary, help to subdue insecurity. “Terrorists usually recruit unemployed youth. Once the project was implemented it will create jobs and security situation will improve,” he argued.

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