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Karzai terms Kerry’s remarks sensitive

By Akhtar M.Nikzad-KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai termed the recent remarks by the US Secretary of State Johan Kerry regarding the term of the current Afghan government sensitive for the Afghan nation.

Kerry in his remarks about the term of the National Unity Government said that the political agreement signed by the NUG leaders would be for five years and the Afghan Constitutionally Jirga could be called with a postponement.

Speaking at the Khushal Khan Baba’s Think Trend, Karzai said that Kerry’s sayings on Afghan internal affairs were a violation of constitution and the national unity.

He stressed that Afghan people have government and constitution and they have the right to decide about their political fate based on constitution.

Karzai highlighted that no foreign country can interfere the internal affairs of Afghan government and nation never let any country to take decision about their political fate.

“When we speak polite and softly, the US and other powerful countries should not presume it as our weakness, but   firmness and they should not compel us for confrontation,” Karzai remarked.

“People allowed me to sign the bilateral security agreement with Washington in condition to ensure security and stability of the country, but the US did not ensure our preconditions, therefore, I did not sign it.”

He also said that the then Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf had asked him to legalize the Durand Line as an official boundary of the two countries, which he rejected, saying that this was a national issue and the people of Afghanistan were authorized to decide about.

The former president said that Kerry’s remarks were violation of Afghan Constitution, calling it against the Afghan national unity.

“Based on the political agreement signed by President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, convening of the Constitutional Loya Jirga is a necessity, therefore, people ask the government to hold it to amend the constitution,” Karzai asserted.

Karzai pointed out that Afghans want a government based on the constitution and they would not let any country to take decision about their destiny.

Karzai claimed that there were no organized frauds in 2014 presidential election, but it was the foreign plots that defamed the election for their ugly goals in Afghanistan.

“The foreigners had two plots in our presidential election: first to destroy our election, second to defame me and gain their goals. Hence, I did not interfere in the election because it was dangerous for the national interests,” he said.

Former president said that peace is a long aspiration of Afghan people, but more important thing in peace talks is that how the NUG deal with Pakistan.

Karzai called Taliban as his brothers, calling on them to rescue themselves from the slavery of Pakistan and join peace talks. “In the first, the Taliban’s front was fair and clean when Pakistan attempted to conquer Afghanistan as anits state then the front faced collapse.”

Khoshal Rohi, Member of Afghan National Movement who organized the Khushal Khan Baba’s Think Trend, said that they held about 132 conference so introduce Khushal Khan Baba and his characteristic in 22 provinces.

He said the purpose of Baba’s Think Trend to analyze the situation and seek appropriate ways for resolving current challenges.

Khushal Khan Baba (1613- 1689) was a famous Afghan ethnic poet who composed several poems about national unity.

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