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Karzai in political talks with exiled Afghan leaders


Kabul: Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan traveled to Turkey to meet with some political leaders , including senior members of the previous government of Afghanistan.

Following his recent visit to Germany, Karzai is taking the opportunity to meet with some influential members of the previous Afghan government, currently exiled in Turkey, to discuss current political situation in Afghanistan.

After the interim regime in Kabul allowed Hamid Karzai to leave Afghanistan after their takeover in August 2021, he first headed to the United Arab Emirates, then to Germany, and now to Turkey. It is reported that in Turkey, he will meet Mohammad Mohaqiq, Abdul Rab al-Rasoul Sayyaf some other political figures.

Previously, he had met with Fazal Ahmad Manawi, the former Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and one of the prominent figures of the National Resistance Front, in Berlin Germany.

It is stated that during Karzai’s visit to the United Arab Emirate, he met with Thomas West, U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan.

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