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Karzai welcomes intra-Afghan talks as ‘good, hopeful news’

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KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai welcomed the beginning of peace negotiations between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban movement, calling it “good news and hopeful”.

“This is a real opportunity for the people of Afghanistan for bringing peace and stability and putting an end to the people’s pains and calamities, so it is worth support and welcome,” Karzai said Saturday in a statement.

The former president said that the people of Afghanistan expect the negotiating sides to work honestly and feel responsibility for gaining peace, strengthening unity and providing better and dignified life for the people of Afghanistan.

“Peace and security in this critical stage of history is the priority of the people of Afghanistan, a peace by which we can end foreign interferences in our country and make our political and social destiny by preserving the national and Islamic values.”

Karzai called on the negotiating sides to give priority to national interests than limited and temporary wills to reach peace.

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