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Karzai’s Eid message

Large number of civilians were killed and injured during the month of Ramadan, Karzai said

AT-KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai in an addressing to the people on the occasion of the Eid festival has called the ongoing war in the country “an imposed war by the aliens”, in which Afghans kill Afghans.

“In this year’s holy month of fasting, a large number of innocent Afghans were martyred and children were orphaned due to the imposed war,” Karzai was quoted by a statement as saying.

He added that hundreds of Afghans are killed everyday by one name or another, arguing that the number of the internal displaced persons has soared up to one million. “Their children grow up uneducated.”

The ex-president said that the aliens are fueling the war, division and hatred among Afghan people and are making new plans to hurt the national unity.

“In this aliens’ war that is going on for the benefit of the aliens, Afghan kills Afghan and use the word of enemy against each other,” the statement has quoted Karzai.

He has criticized the foreign troops stationed in the country for not being useful in the peace in Afghanistan. “The foreign troops’ presence will only get legitimacy when it causes peace and security, not war and insecurity.”

“I would like to raise my voice once again against the bombardments on the Afghan villages. I call the bombardments against the Afghans’ human rights which actually results in intensifying of the war.”

Karzai called on Taliban to join the peace, saying that the war would cause not only pain for the nation, but helps the foreign to have a pretext to prolong their military presence in the country.

Separately, President Ashraf Ghani met former president Hamid Karzai in his home on the occasion of the Eid festival, the statement added.

“Ghani and Karzai spoke on the general issues of the country, and expressed hope for a lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan,” it said.

Meanwhile, vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish and deputy chief executive Mohammad Mohaqiq met Karzai in his residence to greet the Eid festival.

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