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Kerry revealed that Afghan govt is not based on Afghans’ intention: Spanta

KABUL: Prominent diplomat and former foreign minister Rangeen Dadfar Spanta in an article published in the Hasht-e-Sobh daily, has analyzed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks about the serving government in Afghanistan, saying that political power in the country is not structured by the people’s intention via a democratic procedure, but it has been designed by the USA.

Spanta has said that the 2014 presidential election was run with fraud, and the result was not according to people’s intention as well as not according to Afghan law.

“Despite backwardness, economic challenges, destructions of war years, people welcomed the election in Afghanistan,” the article reads.

Although due to fraud, people negatively suffered, but beside these issues, the people were hopeful for the result.

People’s fingers were cut off, they were killed and injured, but they went to cast vote and experience a democratic system.

Fraud has taken place in almost every election, but not as large as the 2014 election. Despite all these, the current National Unity Government (NUG) was established in an agreement brokered by the US Secretary of State John Kerry, not by the people’s votes and intention.

Kerry in his Saturday’s visit to Kabul said that the NUG would last for five years and revealed that the power is not due to people’s intention, but it is due to the USA intention.

Expressing such view shows that the conception of democracy in the countries like Afghanistan, is mostly related to the understanding of the Western leaders.

Such aforementioned structures are limited to the developing countries, where people’s votes and intention are never respected.

Johan Kerry in a joint press conference with Mr. Ghani in front of the media outlets, spoke about democracy in Afghanistan, but he has given the most injuries to our toddler democracy by such steps along with the fraudulent people.

If all national and international media mobilize to defend such a view regarding democracy, they cannot make up the ugly face of this reality that the head of current power is not based on the people’s democratic intention.

The superpowers support even the worst dictators with the help of some words like stability, security and democracy if their interest requires.

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